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February 25-27, 2022: Module 7. CBP® Hands on WorkshopDecember 11-12, 2021: Module 5. CBP® Lumbar RehabJune 11-18, 2022: Advanced Certification Series. Modules 8-13 & 15August 19-21, 2022: Module 7. Hands on WorkshopSeptember 24-October 1, 2022: Basic Certification Series. Modules 1-6



CBP Cervical Rehab, Hands on Workshop and many more.

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Module 5.  Structural Rehabilitation of the Lumbar SpineModule 4. Structural Rehabilitation of the Cervical SpineModule 2. CBP® Mirror Image Drop Table Adjusting, Leg Length Inequality, SI-Joint BiomechanicsModule 1.  X-Ray, Posture, and Spine



One of the most valuable assets in every CBP practitioner's library.

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