CBP Advanced Certification

CBP® Advanced Certification – In addition to the 7 Basic Certification Requirements, the Chiropractor must attend additional training in 8 specialized seminars. Testing for Advanced Certification includes presenting a case using CBP procedures to peers at a CBP Annual Conference and verifying the use of CBP-related spinal rehabilitative equipment in your practice. These 8 additional courses are post-graduate courses and cover approximately 180 hours of credits (when combined with the 7 General CBP Courses) that are approved across a spectrum of continuing education categories.


CBP General Certification Requirements plus:

       8. Pediatrics

       9. Neurology, Posture & Systemic Health

      10. Scoliotic Deformity Analysis & Management

      11. Whiplash Trauma

      12. Advanced Full Spine Analysis & Technique

      13. Spinal Biomechanics: Subluxation & Nerve Interference

      14. CBP Annual & Present your Case Presentation

      15. Mirror Image Bracing for Scoliosis Deformities


Once the above 15 certification seminar requirements are met, the Chiropractor will be required to prepare and present a case presentation to their peers at the CBP Annual Conference and in written form. 

  • Prepare and present a case presentation at the CBP Annual Conference. This case must be a recent patient case from the clinic where you, the Chiropractor, treated said patient using CBP Technique protocols and procedures. 
    • You must obtain informed consent from your patient giving you permission to present their case at the CBP Annual Conference and for possible submission to a peer-reviewed chiropractic journal for consideration for publication.
  • You must submit a current photograph depicting the types of CBP related spinal rehabilitative equipment in your chiropractic clinic. A list of the equipment needs to be provided detailing the type of rehabilitation (in short) that the equipment can provide. 
    • For example, CBP recommends some form of cervical, lumbar, and thoracic traction devices, exercise equipment, and drop table or handheld instrument.
  • A copy of your active Chiropractic license must be submitted with the case presentation.


  • Advanced CBP Certified Chiropractors will have priority listing on the CBP Doctors Directory.
  • Advanced CBP Certified Chiropractors receive a reduced rate of $424.00 seminar registration fee. The reduced rate does not apply to the CBP Annual Conference, Basic Certification Series and Advanced Certification Series.
  • Advanced CBP Certified Chiropractors receive 10% off all CBP Seminars owned products. Email CBP Seminars for more information.
  • Advanced CBP Certified Chiropractors will receive access to the CBP Trained or Certified Seal Logos for use on their websites. 
    • Note: There are specific terms of use for the logos. Email CBP Seminars for more information.

NOTE: The Advanced CBP Certified Chiropractor must attend a CBP Run Seminar 1 (one) time every 2 (two) years in order to maintain their certification standing.  Failure to keep current with CBP® Certification requirements will result in a temporary revocation of your certification until the requirements have been met. 

Advanced Certification Status of a Chiropractor is not equivalent to CBP® Instructor Status and gives the individual Chiropractor-Person-no rights and privileges to CBP® technique copyright protected materials or methods or names.